Parnoplast, S.L.U

Parnoplast, SLU, born in 2008 at the hands of VILAPLASTIC RECOVERY, SL as production and marketing division specializing in plastic sheet extrusion.

PARNOPLAST, SLU and ** RECUPERACIÓ VILAPLASTIC, SL formed business group, backed by a history of more than 17 years in the industry. Bring to market its seal of warranty, service and commitment to the environment.

The environmental philosophy
RECUPERACIÓ VILAPLASTIC, SL ** is based on the recovery and recycling of trimmings molding, ensuring our customers the proper reuse of materials, minimizing waste end.

The constant evolution in the field of pigments, dyes and additives, gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of our customers, with our own studio and color adjustment.

The system Parnoplast Quality Management, SLU, is a commitment to obtain the highest levels in all our products. For this we have expertise and a line of extruders adapted to become a comprehensive provider able to meet the needs of specialized market