Parnoplast offers the possibility of adapting the finish of our plastic sheets to specific needs of each of the projects raised by our clients: surfaces with satin, matt or mirror-like finishes.


The R&D team of Parnoplast has developed different types of engraved for the surface of our sheets. The engraved and smooth finishes can be combined with shine, satin or matt finishes.


At Parnoplast we have a color matching service capable of reproducing any tone, for all our thermoplastics, starting from a Pantone, RAL or sample delivered by the client.

Protection film or heat-laminated

Parnoplast take special care of the surface protection of our sheets, applying (at the request of our clients) protective film of specific use for each type of end use.
Within the range of films, we present our film suitable for thermo-laminates, both for works where the solution is a peelable film or a non-peelable film.

Corona treatment

In order to improve the adhesion of inks and/or adhesives on the surfaces of our thermoplastics, at Parnoplast we have the necessary technology to apply the corona treatment, creating the required surface tension to improve digital or offset printing processes. Our corona treatment guarantees UV offset printing for 3 months from the date of manufacture and 4 months for UV screen printing. For the automatic feeding of the sheets it is recommended that they have been previously squared.

Signaling bands

If you must differentiate pieces with signaling bands, Parnoplast has developed a service where is possible the manufacture of this signaling band with the color requested or with our standard white.
The measures of the signaling band can be adapted to the different needs requested by order. Parnoplast has a standard measure of 5 cm.

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