Asesoramiento y desarrollo

Advice and development

At Parnoplast, we have highly qualified personnel who will answer your questions about technical materials, providing you the most recommended solution and the one that best suits your needs. We also have a network of suppliers that allow us to offer you a greater service.


Express productions

At Parnoplast, we adjust our delivery dates to the needs of our clients so that they can, among other situations, attend to stock breaks and/or give urgent service to their clients.
Contact with our production department for specific enquires.



We have our own transport and we are located near our clients, allowing us to guarantee fast and flexible delivery.


Grind and transformation (Vilaplastic)

Through our other company in the group, we are even more committed to the environment by recovering the losses in our clients’ production, offering them the possibility of using it again, thus reducing the environmental impact of plastic.


Production of technical materials

Together with our suppliers, we work with our clients to find the product that best suits their needs. We also offer advice and support throughout the development process of our clients.

Ajuste de color

Color adjustment

We have color matching service to adapt any need of tone to product which our clients request.

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