PE - Polyethylene

Main features

High chemical resistance:

PE sheets have an excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, mild oxidants, reducing agents, fats and oils, being one of the most stable and chemically inert polymers. It is a thermoplastic that is though and has also good resistance to wear and abrasion.

Reusable and recyclable:

Our PEs are reusables as long as they have been properly stored in dry environment, in a non-puddled paved area, with a room temperature below 60ºC and protected from UV radiation. If the product is stored in humid environments for long time periods, prior to thermoforming, it is recommended to analyze the sheet and consult our technical team indicating the conditions in which it has been stored.
All our PEs are recyclable, offering to our clients the possibility of removing their industrial waste generated in their production in order to manufacture recycled sheet.

High dimensional stability and good capacity of seal:

PE has a high dimensional stability: it is able to main its molecular structure in changing environmental conditions. It is a material with low water absorption, high resistance to impact and low molecular weight, characteristics that make PE ideal for handling it in processes of seal, among others.

Customized products:

At Parnoplast we provide PE’s sheet in any color (starting from RAL/Pantone or physical sample) or transparent, with the required certifications and in thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 5.8 mm. Sheets are manufactured in different formats (rolls or plate) and finishes (engraved or smooth and gloss or matte), with the possibility of adding a signaling band in the tone requested by the client.

This material is used in film’s production for all type of agricultural foils, automotive components, toys, food packaging (containers, lids and closures), disposable utensils and kitchenware.

Several PE product categories are known mainly based on its density and ramification, being the most known the HDPE, the LLDPE and the LDPE. Each of these products provide unique and differentiating characteristics that make these products ideal for specific applications, differing in terms of the extension and the type of ramification, the crystal structure and their molecular weight (density).

The LDPE material has a good thermal and chemical resistance. It is able to resist constant temperatures of 80ºC and of 90ºC for a short period of time. It has excellent impact resistance, and good processability to tearing and punching. It is thermoformable, thermo-foldable, weldable and it can be screwed.

The HDPE material has an excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals. It is suitable for multiple uses. It has low electric conductivity and low permittivity. Due to its high density, this material is opaque. It presents high flexibility and elasticity, rigidity and resistance to cold or heat. It has excellent impact resistance. It is thermoformable, weldable and it can be screwed. Easy to use and construct.

This material is odorless and non-toxic. It is safe to reuse, and it is recyclable too.

Our PE’s products are provided in any color or transparent, in any format (rolls or plate) and in any finish (engraved or smooth and gloss or matte), working around any need of our clients.

All our materials are certified for each of the qualities and characteristics requested and they comply the required standards, as well as the measure controls required in each case. Our extrusion plastic’s sheets 100% recycled came from postindustrial recycling procedure that we adapt to specific applications (seedbeds, non-returnable trays, decoration elements, hydrographic pipes, internal supports…).

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