Quality and environmental policy

Parnoplast, as a producer and seller of rigid plastic’s sheet by extrusion and based on their strategic lines that have the Quality and Environmental Managment System as model, is commited to comply with the following integrated policy for the entire organization of the company:

  • Get fully involved in the customer’s project, meeting their requirements and satisfaying their needs.
  • Promote continuous improvement of the organization’s Integrated Management System, in all its activities, in order to exceed the expectations of costumers and stakeholders by offering quality products and services.
  • Comply with the current legislation on quality and environment, as well as other requirements that give compliance to customers or stakeholders.
  • Keep a system for identifying, evaluating and managing the environmental impacts derived from our activities that promotes the reduction of these, the prevention of pollution and the growth of the organization in a sustainable way.
  • Establish objectives according to the context of the organization and the strategy to be followed, carrying out monitoring and periodic reviews, motivating and involving the staff in their achievement.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the development and implementation of the integrated management system.

Parnoplast encourages the human team and collaborators to comply with the Integrated Management System of the organization and encourages them to contribute with their profressional and knowledge to achieve the quality and environmental objectives.

This policy is distributed and understood by all the personnel of the organization,and by all those stakeholders when it is considered necessary. Likewise, it can be consulted on the website (parnoplast.es/en).

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